Video: Lung Cancer: From Prevention to Cure

March 2013

Lung Cancer: From Prevention to Cure

Thierry Le Chevalier


Lung cancer is a major contributor to significant morbidity and mortality in Europe. Recent predictions indicate that in women, lung cancer will soon become the major cause of cancer mortality, surpassing breast cancer. Given the challenges that Europe and its citizens face in this area, European Perspectives last month launched "Lung Cancer, from Prevention to Cure" as one of its key themes. In this interview, Thierry Le Chevalier, recently elected Founding President of the Institut d'Oncologie Thoracique and Co-Editor of European Perspectives, discusses the significant challenges that health care professionals face in treating lung cancer and highlights how a more complete understanding of the biology of lung cancer is shaping new therapeutic algorithms that may yield significant benefit. Results from a number of recent clinical trials, targeting specific molecular abnormalities in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer have the potential to become new standards of care in this deadly disease.

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